Heat recovery from air compressors

Heat recovery from air compressors is one of the most effective ways to improve energy efficiency in industrial plants. Along bases of thermodynamics, emission of vast amounts of heat energy is an integral part of compression process. Even for the compressors considered efficient produced as heat exceeds this stored in air few times. Recovering this mentioned heat does not involve increase of electric energy consumption, but even improves general working conditions of the machine therefore improves its overall efficiency. We're able to obtain output stream of 90 degrees centigrade so it can be easily used for hot water preparation or returned to technology if needed.

Exemplary benefit calculation:

l.p. Moc znamionowa sprężarki Wartość ciepła dziennie Wartość odzyskanego ciepła rocznie
1. 50 kw 54 PLN 13 500 PLN
2. 75 kw 81 PLN 20 250 PLN
3. 100 kw 108 PLN 27 000 PLN
4. 150 kw 162 PLN 40 500 PLN

The roi in this case depends on few factors: the compressor rated power, load working hours, quantity of compressors, pipework length and the price of kwh produced from the current source.

We have got specialized know how about recovering energy from air compressors therefore we don't use expensive branded recovery stations (that by the way often don't work properly). We use our own control method that prevent machines overheating and allows to recover as much energy as possible. Moreover we we're price efficient so in the end of a day the roi is better.

Heat recovery from production machines

Most of the heavy production machinery is equipped with external cooling system, which paradoxically consumes additional (electric energy) in order to get rid of precious heat. Big machines like pullers or welders are usually a great source of free energy, where we can achieve an output stream of 50 to 70 degrees centigrade, so easily usable for hot water preparation or technology heat. Within our projects we have recovered energy from multi-point welders and cascades of pullers achieving hundreds of kilowatts of heat energy having them redirected exactly where needed.

Heat recovery from processes

We can generally divide heat recovery systems into two groups – recovery from machines (compressors, pullers, welders) and from processes (paint-shops, dye-plants, rubber manufacturing, concrete seasoning plants etc.). As far as considering heat recovery from machinery we can encounter an issue, where to redirect recovered energy, it disappears with processes. Generally if the heat is needed at the input, in most of cases we can easily redirect what we gain during the recovery process. Another advantage of recovery from the process is elimination of the span between the peak of energy and the peak of consumption need. In other words – when the process works it both gives and needs at the same time. Therefore systems recovering from processes usually give the best possible rois.

Monitoring and electric energy consumption improvement

Capabilities of electric energy consumption optimization usually is not appearing directly. Generally always need individual approach and specific monitoring. We undertake tasks of energy consumption reduction by actions including:

  • Changing lights to low consumption leds
  • Intelligent lighting management
  • Energy saving solutions for industrial hvac,
  • Reduction of compressed air consumption,
  • Reduction of idle run of air compressors
  • Optimizing working time of energy intensive devices (pumps, fans)
  • Equipping motors with soft start relays
  • Eliminating energy consumption during planned or unplanned stops. (e.g stand-by or sleep mode)
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