Industrial installations and systems
Wherever there is a need to modernize or build new installation, we'll eagerly advise, undertake design work and prepare a quotation.
Heat recovery from air compressors
One of the best and fastest ROI forms of improving energy efficiency.
Monitoring and electric energy consumption improvement
We are happy to help you save or recover energy and utilities, that is simply saying money.
Automated controls
Wherever it's possible to automate or improve the process


Energy efficiency

Wherever it's possible to save or recover energy and utilities, so finally money that often disappear in the atmosphere.

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Wherever there's a need for big installation work like warehouse HVAC or district heating.

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Wherever monotonous repetitive work can be automated in order to eliminate human factor risk e.g. visual inspection. Also process automation and so called balancing.

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About us

ASFI - Augmented service for industry

We're engaged with automated manufacturing systems and energy efficiency improvement solutions for industrial plants. Each project we approach individually with due diligence because we know that the nature of every process is different. Our team of young and ambitious engineers will undertake every project with passion and engagement and experienced managers will supervise the propriety. We're well prepared for every customer's requirement.

Our clients and partners
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